Apollo Club of Boston

The Club performing its annual end-of-season concert at the

Nahant Town Hall, June 2015.

A formal portrait of Club members and accompanist Rob Humphreville, spring 2015.


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Welcome to the Apollo Club

of Boston's website.  We are

the second-oldest

continuously-active men's

singing group in the United

States.  Founded in 1871, the

Club has a long and

distinguished history.  Today

we have a membership of

approximately 25 business

and professional men.

The Club's purpose is simple:

to promote musical literacy

and an appreciation of the art

of men's choral music, and to share with our audiences the pleasure of men's voices

singing songs old and new -- folk songs, love songs, show tunes, sea chanteys, and

selections from the rich classical and semi-classical music repertoire. We hope you'll

join us. Choral singing increases happiness!


A Men's Chorus Founded in 1871


A Men's Chorus Founded in 1871


Flossie Dunn




Conductor Emerita


Following her

retirement in June,

2015, our beloved

Flossie accepted the

post of Conductor

Emerita. She will advise

the Club and its new

Conductor, Steven

Lipsitt, drawing on her

long experience as the

Club's Conductor, and

her award-winning

career in choral music.